ICON Blockchain DDoS Protection

This project aims to build in DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection on P-Rep and Citizen nodes for the ICON Blockchain with reveres proxies running in a cluster of spot instances in an autoscaling group.

Business case idea

Nodes for ICON are major targets for DDoS attacks as there is a direct monitary incentive to taking down the network and exploiting an arbitrage in price during attacks. The best way to protect these nodes is to run a cluster of reverse proxies to handle each session and limit excessive usage by throttling requests as well as restricting useage from a whitelisted set of IPs. Building in this feature will greatly enhance the survavability of the network when it is attacked.


  • Autoscaling groups on all nginx instances (containers?) hooked up and tested against appropriate metrics

  • Immutable reverse proxy configuration setup


  • terraform

  • docker / docker-compose / kubernetes (multiple options)

  • nginx or another reverse proxy (ie Envoy)

Success Metrics

  • Successful deployment of sentry nodes communicating to ICON nodes

  • Tests to show connectivity during deployment and as a health check

  • Load testing to validate network integrity


  • 3/5

    • Just using nginx will be the easier route

  • 4/5

    • Getting all the health checks to align properly with autoscaling policies

  • 5/5

    • If using envoy this might be very difficult


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