This documentation is intended to supplement the existing ICON documentation and focus more in the realm of activities related to management, automation, and testing of public representative nodes.

Any P-Rep team that wants to contribute to these docs can recieve their own section where they can include docs to help the community or updates with your contributions. To contribute docs, make your own repo with an index-XXX.rst file that indexes all your markdown as shown in this example repo.

Once you do that, message Rob on telegram or just submit a PR to include your index. You will need to add an index entry in the parent index for your docs to show up in the tree.

The docs are then built and deployed on a timer. Currently it is nightly but will tighten build times soon.

For now, given the state of the network, we will be focusing these docs on infrastructure related stuff.
Once best practices have been formed, the architecture blueprint will then be used to form a basic DApp development reference architecture.

To Build Locally

pip install -r requirements.txt
cd docs 
make html 
cd _build 
python3 -m http.server 8008